Solo der Woche

Cream Cheese – Solo of the Week


Those are the chords. Looks suspiciously like C# minor.

But now onto the solo

Bars 1 to 5

SdW Cream Cheese Takt 1 - 5

I start very lazy with a C# minor arpeggio. With D# we add the major ninth. Starting with an upbeat you grab the attention. When you also play the notes syncopated you get a nice little melody.

In bar 4 I play an E major arpeggio, again with the major ninth (F#) The end of that phrase is a little run with the target note C#, the major ninth of the underlying B chord.

Bar 6 to 9

SdW Cream Cheese Takt 6 - 9

In the second round I repeat the motive but close it with an A major arpeggio which ends with D# as the third of B major. Nice!

Bar 10 to 13

SdW Cream Cheese Takt 10 - 13

In the third round I use a C# minor arpeggio again, but in a higher position. To be more exact it is the first inversion of the minor triad. Rhythmically I imitate the original phrase so that you can recognize this new phrase as a development.

In bar 12 I use an E major arpeggio in root position.

In bar 13 I take back the tempo by playing quarter triplets. The calm before the storm.

Bar 14 to 15

SdW Cream Cheese Takt 14 - 15

Hell breaks loose! In the fourth round I bring You stark naked tapping action.

In bar 14 just a C# minor arpeggio, but in bar 15 I play the melody with the tapping hand.

Bar 16 to 18

SdW Cream Cheese Takt 16 - 18

Because I like the pattern, I repeat it with the E major triad and a slightly altered tapped melody. Inn bar 18 I land on C# as the target note of C# minor. Done!

Have fun practicing 🙂


SdW_Cream Cheese – Guitar Pro-File