Satchurday Evening – Solo of the Week

Tonality Analysis

The rhythm guitar plays the following chords:

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Practice creates masters! But how do we manage to take our daily dose of exercise? I have students who bravely pack their guitar in the case / case and then let it disappear in the closet or under the bed. And then they ask themselves why they did not come to practice again during the week. Quite simply: out of sight, out of mind. Continue reading Psychology

Brand New Start – Solo of the Week

Rome wasn’t build in a day but here it is: another Solo of the Week! As you may already know we start with listening to the track:

These are the chords:


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Joe Would Be Proud – Solo of the Week

Chord Analysis

The rhythm guitar plays the following chords:

SdW Proud Joe Akkordfolge


Chord D Am C Bm G Em A D
Third F# C E D B G C# F#
Fifth A E G F# D B E A

Ok, what we’ve got here? Let’s sort:

G A B C C# D E F#

Well, C und C# in the same scale?

What’s going on there? Song starts in G major (G A B C D E F#) and end in D major. That’s called modulation.

And because these tonalities differ in just one note, it’s no drama at all. We take the scale from G major and make sure to avoid playing the C when we hit the A major chord!

Bars 1 to 4

SdW Proud Joe Takt 1 - 4


We start with an upbeat on our first target note – the third of D major F#. Syncopation, bends and a slide is happening in bar 2 to land on the next target note, the C (minor third of A minor). In bar 3 we play more of the A minor chord by jotting in the root note.

Bar 5 to 8

SdW Proud Joe Takt 5 - 8


We play around the fifth of C major G with some nice hammer on / pull offs to get via the E (C major’s third) to the F# (fifth of B minor). With a bend from E to F# we create some finesse. Well done!

Bar 9 to 12

SdW Proud Joe Takt 9 - 12


Root note G and via target notes B and D and slide into the anticipated E. With a frivolous tapping of B on beat 4 in bar 11 we substantiate the E major chord.

Going up the fret board intensifies the thing.

Bar 13 to 15

SdW Proud Joe Takt 13 - 15


In bar 13 we play the A and the E from A major and ignore the problem with C / C#. At the end of the solo we raise tension with the bend from D to E.

We finish off in bar 15 with a 1 1/2 step overbend from B to D to land on the root note of the D major chord.

Now all You have to do is practice. Enjoy!


SdW_Joe Would Be Proud – Guitar Pro-File