About me

A little about me

As a book author, guitarist and content creator I help others to succeed.


I’m a passionate guitar player. I got my first real six string at age 14 and have been playing ever since. With my first band “Endeavour” I practiced from age 16 to age 20 in my uncle’s nuclear shelter and we played whopping three gigs overall.

From age 19 to 23 I also worked as a sound technician / stage hand on several gigs with my friend’s band Queen Mom.

In 2004 I revived together with Metal Maik his band Excess Pressure and we played together for almost 11 years.

Due to change in band members, family planning, careers and stuff we stopped working together in 2015. We look back at more than 40 gigs with highlights like Schlossplatzfest and Metal C(h)amp Tolmin.

We even made it to Metal Hammer as Newcomer of the Month!

More about Excess Pressure

Viktor Smolski

During my time with Excess Pressure I took some guitar lessons from Viktor Smolski (Ex-Rage, Almanac) He inspired my songwriting and with his guidance I could improve my picking technique.

Guitar Teacher

From 2010 to 2016 I worked as guitar teacher. (Full time in 2011/12)

I had around 30 student per week and created a butt-load of articles on this blog.


In 2019 I started to work as a hired gun. I had my first live gig with RuvyRed and supported Lost in Salvation on their Slaying May Tour.

Content Creator

I’ve started my YouTube channel in 2019 as well. Please have a look

Social Media

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