Red Carpet Girl – Level Up! (english)

This article is part of the series “Level Up! – 42 guitar solos for a better sex life”

Meaning of the Solo

I’ve once watched a television show about a girl who’s only skill was to run half-naked up and down the red carpet on movie premieres.
She got mildly famous for hanging around with the famous. Fascinating!

Tonal analysis

The accompaniment is made up of modified power chords throughout:

I first play the normal power chord A5, then A with a minor sixth and finally A with a major sixth.

Bars 1 to 2

Contrary to the last solos, we don’t start in a cozy way but get right in with some heavy tapping action. Triplets with the tones of the A minor scale.

Bars 3 to 4

We continue with tapping, but we increase the tempo by playing sixteenths instead of eighths triplets.
It’s interesting that we have the F# in bar three.
How does that fit with A minor?

Very easy, we already had natural minor (A B C D E F G) and harmonic minor (A B C D E F G#).
If we switch the F to F#, we get the melodic minor scale.
In bar 4 we go back to a natural minor because the F sounds again in the accompanying chord.

Bars 5 to 6

I’ll just repeat bars one and two. That’s all 🙂

Bars 7 to 8

Let us now conclude. A little run on C and D. Here I use arpeggios in C major and D major.
To be more precise, the C major arpeggio is a Cmaj7 arpeggio (C E G B).

So, you see, it’s extremely important that you pay attention to what the rhythm faction offers in chords!

Full song


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