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Evil Lynn – Solo of the Week

Now we investigate the solo from the Excess Pressure Song “Evil Lynn”.


The tonality of this part is not unambiguous because it just consists of power chords. Have a look at the riff:

SdW Evil Lynn Riff

The powerchords are C5, D5 and B5. If we sort them we get the notes C – D – F – G – A – Bb. Depending on either adding an E or an Eb we have F major / D minor or Bb major / G minor.

Because we are playing an E in the other parts of the song and play the D5 I’d like to think of it as D minor.

Bars 5 to 8

To get into the groove we imitate rhythmically the undelying riff and and play the fifth of the chords and just add F as a passing note.

SdW Evil Lynn Takt 5 - 8

Bars 9 to 12

To create intensity I repeat the last bars but add sixteenth notes on the first beat.

SdW Evil Lynn Takt 9 - 12

Bars 13 to 16

Holy moly: Sweep picking with eight triplets leading to a sequence of quarter triplets.

The first arpeggio is D minor followed by Bb major in bar 15. In bar 16 I play C# instead of C to get to D harmonic minor.

SdW Evil Lynn Takt 13 - 16

Takte 17 bis 21

Why reinventing the wheel? Bar 17 and 18 are just a repetition of 13 and 14. That simple.

The end of the is sequence of tremolo picking. With the little detour via C# we land on our target note D. Done! Enjoy practicing.

SdW Evil Lynn Takt 19 - 21


SdW_Evil Lynn – Guitar Pro-File