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Evil Lynn – Level Up!

Now we investigate the solo from the Excess Pressure Song “Evil Lynn”.


The tonality of this part is not unambiguous because it just consists of power chords. Have a look at the riff:

SdW Evil Lynn Riff

The powerchords are C5, D5 and B5. If we sort them we get the notes C – D – F – G – A – Bb. Depending on either adding an E or an Eb we have F major / D minor or Bb major / G minor.

Because we are playing an E in the other parts of the song and play the D5 I’d like to think of it as D minor.

Bars 5 to 8

To get into the groove we imitate rhythmically the undelying riff and and play the fifth of the chords and just add F as a passing note.

SdW Evil Lynn Takt 5 - 8

Bars 9 to 12

To create intensity I repeat the last bars but add sixteenth notes on the first beat.

SdW Evil Lynn Takt 9 - 12

Bars 13 to 16

Holy moly: Sweep picking with eight triplets leading to a sequence of quarter triplets.

The first arpeggio is D minor followed by Bb major in bar 15. In bar 16 I play C# instead of C to get to D harmonic minor.

SdW Evil Lynn Takt 13 - 16

Bars 17 bis 21

Why reinventing the wheel? Bar 17 and 18 are just a repetition of 13 and 14. That simple.

The end of the is sequence of tremolo picking. With the little detour via C# we land on our target note D. Done! Enjoy practicing.

SdW Evil Lynn Takt 19 - 21

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SdW_Evil Lynn – Guitar Pro-File