Evil Lynn – Level Up! (english)

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Meaning of the Solo

This song is about women who turn your head, to whom you feel magically attracted, but who you also know are not good for you.

Tonal analysis

The key of the solo part is not clearly determinable, because it is only a riff with three power chords. Here is the first riff:

The power chords are C5, D5, and Bb5. These notes are ordered C – D – F – G – A – Bb.
Depending on whether we add an E or an Eb, we are either in F major / D minor or Bb major / G minor.
Since an E occurs in the rest of the song, we choose D minor.

Bars 5 to 8

To enter the solo comfortably, we rhythmically imitate the riff and play only the fifths of the power chords
one octave higher with the additional passing note F.

Bars 9 to 12

To increase the tension a little, we repeat the last bars, but add the sixteenth notes on the first beat.

Bars 13 to 16

Now it’s off: Sweep-picking with eighth-note triplets followed by a small run in quarter note triplets.
The first arpeggio is a D minor, the arpeggio in bar 15 a Bb major.

In bar 16 we play a C sharp instead of a C and thus go into the D harmonic minor mode.

Bars 17 to 21

Why reinvent the wheel? Bars 17 and 18 are repetitions of 13 and 14. So simple!

The solo ends with a run, in which we play the notes four times each.
With a little detour via C sharp, we land on the target tone D and that’s it! Have fun while practicing.


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