On my Way – Level Up! (english)

Meaning of the Solo

I’m on my way, try if you want, no one can stop me now.
I’m on my way, never give up, i’ll climb the mountain straight to the top!

Tonal analysis

The rhythm guitar plays the following chords:

The key is E minor. On to the atom!

Bars 1 to 4

What’s happening?

We play the appropriate arpeggio for each chord: we play an E minor arpeggio over E5, a C major arpeggio over C5, D major over D5 and B major over B5.

Since we bring B major, the D sharp is added, which is actually not in E minor. This creates – who can guess? – E harmonic minor. Nice!

The technique we use is called sweep-picking.

We play groups of 6 notes which, played with normal sixteen notes, gives a nice shift of accents.

Bars 5 to 8

Since musicians are always lazy, I simply repeat the arpeggios from bars 1 and 2, and then in bar 3, I add a G major arpeggio over G5
The final is again an arpeggio in B major, but this time I land on the fifth F sharp.

We are already done and can sit out in the sun again!


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