Into the Darkness – Level Up! (english)

This article is part of the series “Level Up! – 42 guitar solos for a better sex life”

Meaning of the Solo

Standing at a crossroad in life, our hero might chose the path to the dark side of chocolate.

Bar 1

Don’t choke on it. The first bar got it all figured out. Melody Tapping Deluxe.
So, here’s what we’re going to do: We take a normal E minor arpeggio (green) and tap it with the melody (red).

If this is too fast for you, here is the melody again, one by one:

There is one more special feature. The last note in the bar is an F sharp instead of a G. This is due to some mechanical reasons.

The next arpeggio in bar 2 is a C major arpeggio where the 15th fret is tapped, so I have to make room for this.

Bars 2 to 4

What can I say? I pull the same boot in bars two and three.

The arpeggios are C major and B minor. In bar four, I finish the phrase with a relaxed quarter triplet run.

Bars 5 to 8

That’s a cool topic. I just have to repeat it.
That’s why there’s nothing new in bars 5 to 7.

The triplet run in bar 8 has a few other notes, but that’s just it.

Bars 9 to 12

Now things are getting a little more exciting again.

The following bars could be summarized as “call and response”.
In bar 9 I call and in bar 10 I answer one octave higher (response) with a similar motif.
I repeat this in bar 11 and finish with a slightly different phrase in bar 12.

Bars 13 to 16

The last part is not for introverts: here you have to get out of your shell, as Attila Dorn from Powerwolf would say.

A little shredding part in E minor. The interesting thing about it is that we loosen up the run a bit by grouping 6 notes each.

This leads to accent shifts which is good against scale boredom.

Since our basic tempo of almost 160 BPM is already quite sporty, we need a solid picking technique for this part.

I tried to work with Economy Picking here.

Economy Picking is a mixture of Alternate and Sweep Picking.

You pick Alternate first but keep the picking direction when changing strings if the direction of the string change is the same as the picking direction before the change.

Have fun playing!

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