Beyond the Veil Harmonization – Level Up! (english)

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For the remastered track I’ve created a second voice in the solo for Beyond the Veil. Here we go!

Bars 1 to 5

Since the pitch of the first voice is considerably higher, I prefer to put a third below it. That’s it.

Bars 6 to 9

In the tapping part, I wasn’t so sure that a third fits, or rather I wanted to keep the cool tapping pattern and therefore remain a fifth below the first voice.

Bars 10 to 13

Thirds are the safe bank here again. The second voice follows the first directly.

Bars 14 to 17

So, we’ve already had a fifth. What else is suitable for elegant harmonization?
Yup, exactly fourths will work, too! Listen to the old Scorpions classics.

Full Track


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