Dream – Level Up! (english)

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Meaning of the song

Everyone’s got a dream. So let’s dream big, dream on!

Tonal analysis

Okay, what’s happening? The chords of the accompaniment are as follows:

Three chords and good. That’s the way it has to be.
Quick analysis:

Chord B minor G major F# minor
Third D B A
Fifth F# D C#

Let’s get to the solo on those chords.

Bars 1 to 4

I start off very comfortable with a fifth (F#) and the root of B minor and let it ring. You can do that confidently if the tone matches the chord, as in this case.

Then it continues comfortably. I play a G and bend it up to the A.

A is the major ninth to G major and at the same time already the third of the next chord F# minor.

So, I give a hint of the direction of the journey. I arrive in F# minor at the latest with the C# (fifth of F# minor) at count time 4.

Bars 5 to 8

More dynamics, please. How’s it going? In bar 5 it goes up (E-string 14th fret),
in bar 7 I add eighth notes, so rhythmically denser.

It’s interesting that in bar 7 a D major sounds over G major.

Why does that work?

D-Major consists of D-F#-A.

D is the fifth of G and A the major ninth, as mentioned earlier.

F# is the major seventh to G major, doesn’t sound so great normally.

But in this case, it’s not so bad, since F# comes on the count 1+ and is, therefore, a passing note.

Bars 9 to 12

Howdy! We tighten the noose: more eighths, string skipping, double stops, and syncopation.
Everything a guitar cowboy should be able to do.

Bars 13 to 16

Rhythmically even denser by bringing out the triplets.

The B minor scale now serves as the tone material.

But there are several minor scales, which one do you mean exactly?

Correct, we differentiate between:

Natural, harmonic minor and melodic minor.

Which one do I take now? I can’t decide, I fluctuate between natural and harmonic. They only differ in one tone, the A or A#.

At the beginning of a triplet run I take A# (harmonic minor) and then in bar 14 I take the A again.

In bar 15 I take the A# again for a double stop.

Bars 17 to 20

Hell bend for leather! Bendings till you have to call the ambulance!

Bars 21 to 22

A nice Open String Lick prepares us for the final.

Bars 23 to 24

Now only a tiny run and a tasteful bending on our target tone C#. Voilà!

Full Track


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