Blood Angel – Level Up! (english)

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Meaning of the Solo

When you dig to deep in your nose, it might get bloody

Tonal analysis

The chords are Em, D and C. So, we are dealing with the key G major or E minor.

Bars 1 to 4

Let’s start by building a motif. Our motif starts on the 3 of the first bar and goes to the 2 of the next bar (green circle).

Our motif becomes rhythmically interesting through the syncopations.

The motif is repeated four times, but the second time I only change the last two strokes.

The third time I move one string up, the fourth time also up to the 17th fret. So, we increase tension by moving the motif over the fretboard.

Bars 5 to 8

We can build up even more tension if we play rhythmically denser. That’s why I also add the semiquaver triplets in bar 5.

In bar 6 I play the original motif from bar 1 again, but now on the G and D strings.

This changes the sound because the lower strings sound a bit muffled, and also the pinch harmonics have a different sound.

In bar 7 I create some attention with a small string skipping concept before we move on to the target tone E with relaxed eighth-note triplets (bending from the 22nd fret).


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