Practice creates masters! But how do we manage to take our daily dose of exercise? I have students who bravely pack their guitar in the case / case and then let it disappear in the closet or under the bed. And then they ask themselves why they did not come to practice again during the week. Quite simply: out of sight, out of mind.

Create attention for our goals

You can remedy this by placing your guitar on a guitar stand visible in the living room / study. It looks like a fruit bowl on the table, you just grab it when you walk by.

Avoid distraction

Phone, mobile phone, Internet, especially Facebook with its many games keep you from getting closer to your goal – learning an instrument – by eating your time. Do it like Peter Lustig recommends us: Just switch off 🙂

Scedule fixed times

Humans are creatures of habits. Playing the guitar has to be as natural as brushing your teeth. Makes it a ritual to strum five minutes right after waking up or five minutes before bedtime. This brings more than the intention to spend two hours a week on the instrument. I hope you do not just brush your teeth once a week, right?

Electronic Helplings

When learning habits, apps can also help you. One of my favorite apps is . It sets a goal, such as “play guitar six days a week” or “Learn one new Song per week”.

You can let yourself remind daily:

Overview of my goals:

After You’ve practiced you can check the task:

That way You can keep an overview of your progress