Crapping on your Throne Harmonization – Level Up! (english)

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Maybe you have notices that there is a second lead guitar in the Crapping on your Throne solo

Take a listen again

Now you might ask yourself how to add a second guitar voice to a melody.
The easiest way to create a good sounding second voice is to harmonize with diatonic thirds.

Ok, so a third is an interval with 3 (minor third) or 4 (major third) semitones distance to the fundamental.

But when do I take 3 semitone steps and when do I take 4?
This is hidden in the word “diatonic” thirds: scale thirds.

Since we are still in E major, we can clearly identify the thirds:

Our melody notes in bars 3 and 4 are E, F#, and D#; the corresponding thirds are G#, A, and F#.
The second voice then looks like this:

All right, but we are applying the concept economically.
We only add the second voice in bar 3 / 4 and bar 7 / 8.

To add a little pepper to the soup, a second voice is added to the last four bars.
But since we have already gone extremely far up on the fingerboard in the main voice, the second voice doesn’t come above but below.
You just play the thirds an octave lower and Bob’s your uncle!

Bars 13 to 14

Bars 15 to 16

Backing Track


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Crapping on your Throne

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