Getting ready to make videos for youtube

The Room

The first thing I noticed: I hadn’t enough space to record properly, so time for some rearrangement:

I wasn’t happy with my keyboard “desk” after all, so I decided to buy a Zaor Misa Desk

Electronics Workbench

To be able to film the unboxing stuff I used an improvised setup. But it was time to update it with a proper desk as well:

The Sound

One big improvement for videos is the sound. So I switched from built-in mic to a lav mic for my voice.

The Lav mic did a decent job, but I had some noises of my clothes rubbing on it, so up to the next:

The Light

To improve the lighting I use a Falcon Eyes RX-8TD

The Camera Setup

The upgrade from iPhone 6 to iPhone 11 Pro was a big step. Nevertheless you need good gear to fixate it:


The gear