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Slides are an effective way to spice up your solo game.
Instead of just playing a note, you slip into the desired note.
This can be done from above (higher position on the fingerboard) as well as from below.

Here we take the note A on the second fret on the G string, pick it on beat one, and then slide on beat two
– without hitting again – in the B on the fourth fret.
To perform this technique correctly, you need to loosen your grip a little. Finding the right pressure takes practice:
If you press too strongly, you have to work against the resistance and you may not reach the target fret.

If you press not strong enough, the tone dies before you reach the target fret.

It is ideal if you can still feel the frets while sliding, but do not have the feeling of hobbling from fret to fret.

Be sure to play this sequence A – B to a metronome, as timing is also important here.
You have to be on the fourth fret at beat two and not start sliding!

In this sequence we slide back and forth between the second and fourth fret,
this trains both sliding up and down.

If you feel safe, you can move up to eighth notes.

In this sequence we slide from the second to the fourteenth fret. We use the A minor scale as the tones.



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